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New Live Webinars – Ask The Expert

New Live Webinars – Ask The Expert

The Professional Services team at Independent Solutions has recently launched their new live webinar sessions called: “Ask The Expert”.
The idea behind these sessions is to have an open forum with retailers on a wide variety of topics. Each session targeting one topic specifically. This allows people to ask questions on the topic at the end of the session in an open Q&A.
This in turn will also create a knowledge library for retailers to refer to after the session. The knowledge library can also be used by new retailers who are learning Profit-Track.

The sessions are structured where an Expert will walk you through the assigned topic and at the end will have a Q&A.
Professional Services will send a survey to the attendees to rate the session. This is done as Professional Services are aiming for continual improvement of our sessions.
One on One consultation can be booked with Professional Services on any topic where it’s more advanced than what is covered in the session.

Ask the Expert sessions are available to all Independent Solutions retailers with initial communication being sent via email.
If there was someone who missed a session, they can catch up on what was missed in the following playlist:
Independent Solutions – Ask the Expert Playlist
Alternatively you can see a selection of videos from Independent Solutions on our web page, or by clicking the below link:
Independent Solutions – Tips and Tricks

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