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What is the promotion this year?

How can it help you?

We decided for 2024 that we wanted to run two seperate promotions, one for new customers and one for the many retailers that have supported us over the years.
For our existing customers, we are offering 24% off everything, hardware, software, training, installation – whatever we can do to help your business, this is the month to get it cheap.

What if you have been looking at us but have been sitting on the fence?
Well we haven’t left you out either, we are offering 100% off on our software for anyone who wants to move over to us and join the ISA family.

We know that the market is getting increasingly more expensive, we wanted to offer a promotion that went across the board, regardless of what you need in your store.
It could be that your Point of Sale computers are needing upgrading so you need a better price on hardware, maybe you need some training – or perhaps a new module – all are covered under this promotion.

This business exists entirely because of our customers, everything we do is with our retailers in mind and how we can help their business make more efficient & profitable.
We work with several partners that offer better ways of invoice receipting, account exporting, waste management and so much more to achieve those goals.

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