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For more information and FAQ’s on PROFIT-TRACK™, please see below.

At Independent Solutions, our friendly support team are here to ensure your issues are resolved as soon as possible and can be contacted by completing Support query form, email or phone

Support Form:
Phone: 1800 020 946

Please note that After Hours Support is a limited service.
Phone: 1800 020 946

Charges will apply for calls between these hours:
6pm to 7am EST – 7 days per week

EFTPOS Transaction issues:

  • Contact your bank to lodge  a support requests.

After the Installation of your EFT solution all transactional information is owned between the Account holder and the Banks EFT service.

This is also the case for the Pin-Pads that are supplied. These are supplied and configured by the Bank or their service provider.

Your Bank is also able to:

  • Report of service outages
  • Settlement / transactional assistance
  • Replace hardware (Pin-Pads).

Internet availability affects many points within your business.

When there is a loss of service your Internet Service Providers (ISP) should immediately be contacted.

Loss of internet can affect:




Ability to connect to locations for Support.

You may find from time to time that Fuel dispenser(s) (Pump) fail.

Power cycling the forecourt can assist.

Dispensers, Tanks, ATGs and other devices can only be supported by a qualified Fuel / Pump technician.

Changes /fixes to these devices are not possible remotely.

At some point in time PCs will stop functioning. When this happens, the model & serial numbers should be noted.  If the hardware was purchased from Independent Solutions, we can check these details to action any warranties present on your devices.  These warranties can vary depending on the type of device and can consist of:

  • RTB (Return to Bae) – Hardware should be sent back to Independent Solutions.
  • On-Site – Independent solutions can arrange a field service technician to attend to systems covered by the on-Site warranty.

If the hardware was purchased elsewhere, the warranty and service of that product should be discussed with the supplier of the hardware.

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