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PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller

If you have a number of stores we have developed PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller which is designed to provide a group merchandising solution for your business.

Multi-Site Solutions

Key functionality available in PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller is as follows:

User Interface

PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller uses the same “tried and tested” user interface as standalone

PROFIT TRACK™. Therefore, staff with a background in PROFIT-TRACK™ can easily transition to the Store Controller environment.

Product Management

PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller allows you to manage a central, comprehensive product catalogue for all your stores with the ability to customise ranging at each store. The PROFIT-TRACK™ environment allows flexible and configurable control of operations both at site and head office.


In addition to sales reporting across your group, PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller has many of the reports and information, available in standalone PROFIT-TRACK™, from end of day visibility to markdown reports.

Price and Promotion Management

The PROFIT-TRACK™ retail environment allows for a set and forget approach to pricing control, all the way through to detailed product hierarchy manipulation. Using the fully customisable promotional programme, the PROFIT-TRACK™ retail environment gives you the tools to execute complex merchandising  strategies across your group.

Multi File Warehouse Integration

PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller is able to take multiple warehouse host files and target the pricing and promotional data to specific stores, store zones or price levels as required.

Centralised Loyalty and Debtors

With the addition of the centralised debtors and loyalty module,

PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller is able to provide a fully centralised solution that is accessible across your group.

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