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Intuitive Design

Flexi-Fuel UI is designed elegantly. Considering user in mind it is easy to understand without experimentation and assistance, or special training. This make product adaptation fast and straightforward.

Seamless POS Integration

Flexi-Fuel integrated seamlessly with PT-POS with no major impact on performance or functionalities of PT-POS. This is the result of careful planning which have started during the design phase of the Flexi-Fuel with keeping POS integration in mind. This will provide opportunity to other POS vendors to remove the complexity of Forecourt integration through a simple integration with Flexi-Fuel.

Controller Agnostic

Flexi-Fuel is designed in such way that reliance on Fuel controller is not required. It can communicate with different controllers and hide complexity behind its simple UI. Current version supports Gilbarco DOMS, POSTEC and the Enabler controller.


Packed with functionality.


Full integration to Profit-Track™ POS

Fuel pump control

Full control of pumps with an intuitive UI


Monitor the status of your forecourt

Price management

Instantly update/schedule grade prices

Wet-stock management

Perform tank dips and deliveries


With flexi-fuel, connecting to your forecourt controller is easy.


With over 30 years of proven and reliable service to fuel retailers, the PSS 5000 has been installed on over 80,000 sites across more than 70 different countries. It is designed to provide oil companies with the flexibility to mix POS and forecourt equipment of any brand and make. It also offers a broad range of connectivity features including direct network access enabling you to connect to the rest of the world.


Founded in 1987, the Postec System provides comprehensive forecourt and wet stock control systems for the Oil Industry. Postec’s systems architecture is based around the Postec Communication Controller (PCC), a proprietary robust hardware platform designed specifically for this purpose. This enables the PCC to provide virtually, unlimited connectivity to electronic forecourt devices without degrading the performance of the forecourt LAN.


Enabler Embedded is a new generation Forecourt Controller bringing together the ability to communicate with a wide range of forecourt devices alongside the ability to communicate to host systems and service providors over the Web. It is a compact appliance that uses advances SMT design and cableless construction. Designed with everything you need for forecourt connection and management in one box.

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